When you're in the market for a new home you may assume that having one custom designed and built for you is the more expensive choice. In truth however using an architect to come up with an architectural design that fits your needs and having a home built rather than buying one on the market can actually save you money in the long run. Consider a few reasons why this is, and how a custom home can be more cost-effective for you.

1. Solar panels and skylights can be installed

Skylights can help to bring in sunshine and make your home feel warm and cozy, and solar panels help save on your electric bill every month. It may be more expensive to cut up your roof and install skylights and to have a contractor come out and wire your home with solar panels than to have these installed during home construction. An architect can decide the right size solar panels for your home and ensure each skylight is placed around the home where it will have maximum effectiveness for adding warmth and light.

2. Low-flow toilets and urinals can be installed

As with other utility savers in the home, it can be more cost-effective to have low-flow toilets and urinals installed during home construction than to have these plumbed after a home is built. A urinal only uses a small amount of water with each flush, and low-flow toilets can save on a person's water usage every single day, adding up to tremendous cost savings over time.

3. Upgraded wiring can be included

Upgraded, modern wiring can better support your home's electrical needs without becoming overloaded. This in turn can mean less money spent on your electrical bills. If you install large appliances, even if they're energy-efficient, they need to have proper wiring to support their electrical needs. Having an electrician come out and rewire your home can be very expensive, so having copper wires or fiber optic cables installed during a home build can mean more support for today's appliances and electronics and less cost overall.

4. A new roof will last longer

A tile or shingle roof is meant to only last a few decades, so having a new roof installed on a new home can be a cost-effective choice. You might also opt for something that is meant to last even longer such as a metal roof. This can keep you from having to face repair bills or the cost of a replacement roof within the first few years of moving into your new home.