Are you a connoisseur of household hints?  Do you hate to throw something away that you might be able to use later?   Do you appreciate clean, well-maintained windows?   Take the short quiz below to test your knowledge about some common household objects--and the innovative, frugal ways that they can help you take care of your windows.  (No need to get the testing jitters: it's a fun, informative quiz--not a boring, graded exam.)  Answers are at end of the article.  Begin your quiz...Now!

1.  You randomly found a pack of several unused marker-board erasers.  You should:

  • A)  Throw them in the garbage.
  • B)  Give them to your friend who teaches school.
  • C)  Try to return them somewhere for store credit.
  • D)  Use them to make your windows the envy of the neighborhood.  Wiping freshly cleaned, dried windows with marker-board erasers makes them gleam.

2.  While folding laundry, you noticed a spent fabric softener sheet crumpled up with your socks.  After removing it from your clothes--and finishing your folding operation--you should take the fabric softener sheet and:

  • A)  Put it in the trash.
  • B)  Tape it to a vent or fan in hopes of circulating the smell of dryer-fresh goodness...just like you used to do in college.
  • C)  Smoke or vaporize them or whatever.  (Isn't that a thing now?)
  • D)  Use them to remove stubborn residue marks left by hard water, sediment build-up, or even ocean-water spray.  Simply rub the spots with the fabric softener, wait about 10 minutes, then wipe them again with a damp cloth.  This time, they'll stay gone!

3.  True or False:  A piece of old pantyhose, clear nail polish, and maybe a dab of rubber cement are all it takes to patch up minor tears in a window                screen.    

4.  While cleaning out the medicine cabinet, you found a box of denture cleaning tablets that Granny accidentally left the last time she visited.  You should:

  • A)  Throw them away.
  • B)  Find out if it's true that a bird will explode if it eats one of them.
  • C)  Give them back to Granny.
  • D)  Dissolve several tablets in a bucket of water and make your windows sparkle!  (Remember to rinse them with plain water, though.  Dry as usual.)  After all, Granny has Medicare--she's got plenty more of them.  

5.  Ever since the semi-recent "single-cup revolution," you don't brew pots of coffee anymore.  No one does.  You have several boxes of old coffee-pot filters left.  What should you do with them?

  • A)  Hhhmmm...the trash-can?  
  • B)  Save them for that one inevitable day when you have no toilet paper, and you just don't feel like going out to the store to buy some.
  • C)  Use them for little forehead blotters, maybe?  So long as nobody actually saw you doing it...
  • D)  Dry your windows with them once you've finished washing/rinsing.  

These novel tactics have been successfully used for decades, passed down and improved upon from generation to generation. Of course, all window maintenance advice pertains to first-floors only. Call a professional like Clear View Inc for upper-floor windows.

Answers to the questions are all "D"--or "True," in one case.