Conventional wood fences usually have a picket design and are made with pressure treated lumber. There are other designs and materials that you can use for a fence that looks great and is durable. This can be materials like cedar or tropical woods like Brazilian walnut. If you want to have something different done for your wood fence, here are four options that you have to choose from:

1. Using Cedar Lumber For Decorative Wood Fencing

Cedar is a great material to use for wood fencing because it is weather and insect resistant, as well as affordable. You can use it for conventional wood fencing, or it can be installed in decorative ways. You can have the sections of fence installed in a herringbone pattern, horizontally, or with a decorative accent at the top of the fence with lattice.

2. Tradition Wood Pickets With Tropical Lumber And Details

You can also have traditional pickets installed on your fence, but have this done with a tropical wood like Brazilian walnut. This material is extremely durable, and looks great with just a coat of clear sealant.  With Brazilian walnut, there are also decorative features that you can add to your fence to give it a little different look.

3. Vinyl Fencing Systems With Wood Appearance

Vinyl fencing can also be a great solution for durable wood fencing. It is not exactly real wood, but you can get vinyl in many patterns, including wood. It will give you a fence that will virtually last forever and have the appearance of real wood. The benefit of vinyl is also that it will not need any maintenance like some of the other materials that you have to choose from. The only maintenance you may want to treat the areas facing your fence with a cleaner with UV protection for vinyl, which will prevent fading if you have colors other than white.

4. Using Composite Decking Materials For Wood Fencing

Composite decking is another great material that can have a wood appearance. It is usually made with recycled plastic and wood scrapes from the sawmills. It can be used for wood fences, and will last for many years. It will fade over time, but this will not affect the materials. It is rot resistant and can be used to create a fence with a really unique look. This can be a great idea if you want a fence that matches the decks on your home.

These are some of the options you have for wood fencing that looks different. If you want one of these systems installed for the fencing around your home, contact professional fencing contractors, like R & S Fence Co., and talk with them about doing something different for your wood fence.