Any home that is constructed with bricks runs the risk of having masonry problems at some point. When this happens, you will need to have a masonry contractor come to your home and perform tuckpointing on the bricks. It is the process of replacing the damaged mortar between the bricks, without removing any bricks on the home.

Here are a few reasons why tuckpointing should be done to repair damaged masonry.

The Mortar Is Starting To Crumble

One reason why tuckpointing is done is as a preventative measure to preserve the brick before the mortar fails. Loose mortar that is ready to crumble will eventually cause bricks to loosen and fall off the home. Test your mortar by scratching the surface using a sharp tool. A sign that you have bad mortar is if a powdery white residue comes off when scratching it.

The Mortar Has Moisture Damage

Mortar is a porous material, and it is possible for water to seep through the mortar over time. This will cause the mortar to soften and require replacement. The risk of leaving mortar with moisture damage is not only loose bricks, but water getting into the bricks as well. This can cause efflorescence, which turns your bricks an ugly white color.

The Mortar Helps Stabilize Critical Bricks

If the mortar does crumble around a few stray bricks on your home, it is still in the early phases and can be easily repaired by tuckpointing. Your chimney does require bricks for stability, and crumbling mortar could cause the whole structure to eventually fall.

The process of tuckpointing will help seal and tighten all mortar joints between the brick, making the structure much more stable in the end.

The Mortar Helps Improve Your Home's Aesthetics

A home that is constructed with brick can look very beautiful, but damaged mortar can cause it to look very ugly. You may not realize it, but the mortar plays just as important of a role in your home's aesthetics as your bricks do. You can patch mortar on your own with a repair kit from your local home improvement store, but it will never look as natural as it would if you had professional tuckpointing done.

Tuckpointing can be a difficult job, as it takes a lot of time and is very labor intensive. Make the whole process easier by hiring a professional masonry contractor to do it for you. To learn more, contact a company like Trinity Masonry & Concrete with any questions you have.