When it comes to remodeling and updating your home, you find yourself looking for the options that not only save you money, but also make your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Sustainability and energy efficiency have become increasingly important in society as the negative environmental impact that home building and various products have is becoming more well-known and documented. So, when you decide to re-insulate your walls and roofing, you find yourself looking for eco-friendly products that will not only insulate your home well but also have a minimal environmental impact. So, get to know your options for environmentally friendly insulation. 

Recycled Denim Insulation

One of the most popular eco-friendly insulation options is recycled denim insulation. This insulation option is actually made primarily from used bluejeans. Denim insulation has the primary benefit of being completely free of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is not only a chemical that can be damaging to the environment when leached into the air and water but also a potential carcinogen in your home.

Denim insulation is also safe to handle when installing, unlike traditional fiberglass insulation that can cause scratches and cuts and even lung damage if accidentally inhaled in the installation or removal process. Denim insulation is an effective insulation material that is eco-friendly and safe to install.

Recycled Plastic Insulation

Along the same lines as recycled denim insulation, companies are now making home insulation out of recycled plastic materials as well. Plastic soda and water bottles are products that, if left in landfills, take up a great deal of space and can have a crushing negative environmental impact. 

So, instead, researchers and developers have come up with a way to make home insulation with recycled plastic bottles. Like denim insulation, it is safe to handle and install and is free of dangerous chemicals that traditional insulation uses. Because this insulation is made primarily of recycled materials, you will be saving space in landfills. And, many companies that make recycled plastic insulation also use environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing the insulation, using heat to bond the materials rather than glue, reducing their use of electricity in the process.

These environmentally friendly insulation options will help you to re-insulate your home while minimizing your home's negative environmental impact. The recycled, eco-friendly options will also keep potentially dangerous chemicals and materials from your home. They are just as effective as traditional insulation materials but are safe to handle and install without requiring protective gloves and masks. So, consider these eco-friendly options and choose your new insulation materials accordingly.  For more information, speak with experts like Alaska Quality Insulators Inc.