Did you know that asphalt and the parking lot are the first contacts that guests, customers or employees have with your business? Well, they are. It is, therefore, imperative to maintain them in top shape, as they can make a good impression on your company or a bad one. Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of the parking lot and saves you a bundle in terms of money.

Here are three key parking lot maintenance tips that you should follow if you want to put your property's best foot forward:

Prevent cracks and potholes

Asphalt surface will oxidize bit by bit throughout its life making it shrink and create tiny cracks in the pavement. If not sealed in time, these fissures can lead to extensive cosmetic damage to your parking lot. When water gets into these small cracks, it can freeze and expand, and as a result, increasing the size of the crack to form potholes.

Filling cracks is not a difficult job. However, some cracks you can fill yourself, but others require a professional's hand. To seal big cracks or potholes, follow this procedure:

  1. Clean the crack of all debris, dirt or vegetation using a big screwdriver or a crack cleaning machine.
  2. Fill cracks with sand. For potholes, use asphalt cold patch to fill them quickly and easily.
  3. Apply hot pour crack filler.
  4. Allow the material to dry.

Small cracks don't require as much preparation. To expedite the process of filling fissures, take a compressor and blow the debris out of the cracks. Using a crack filling machine, seal all cracks and allow the applied filling material to dry.

Protecting your asphalt

You can greatly increase the lifespan of your parking lot by just picking or sweeping small pieces of glass, rock or other material that grind into the asphalt. The number of needed repairs is also reduced keeping money in your pocket.

Cleaning and blocking chemical and oil spills from the parking lot

Chemical and oil spills can easily eat into the unsealed asphalt and deteriorate it. You can use absorbent pads to absorb these spills. After absorbing the spills using pads, rinse the place with clean water.

If your asphalt parking lot is cracking or has potholes, performing timely maintenance can be critical to avoiding doing complete reconstruction. Developing a routine maintenance plan early enough will double the life of your asphalt parking lot. If you are not adept at construction do-it-yourself work, consider consulting a professional contractor like Hals Construction.