The internet is flooded with cardboard recycling projects, and they all look adorable, but unless you have an intense amount of craft acumen, many of these projects are difficult to tackle.  Luckily, even if you have utterly no crafting skills, you can still create any of the following projects.

Grab your recyclable cardboard, and explore these options – their simplicity means anyone can get involved:

1. Domino Costume

To create a domino costume, you need a cardboard box that is about the same length as your child's abdomen. Leave the flaps on the bottom side of the box open, cut a hole in the top of the box for your child's head and cut two arm holes in each of the sides.

Now, paint your box black, and glue on white circles in a domino arrangement. If you have painting skills, you can make this project advanced and turn your box into an MP3 player, a washing machine or basically any other rectangular item.

2. Tunnel

To create a tunnel, you need several cardboard boxes. If you like, you can often get cardboard boxes for free from grocery stores, liquor shops or book stores – simply call the store and ask if you can have the cardboard before they recycle it.

Open all of the boxes. Then, grab a roll of packaging tape, and tape the ends of the boxes together so they create a tunnel.

3. Playmat

To make a playmat, you simply need a single cardboard box. Open the box completely so that you can lay it flat. Then, paint a scene on your box. The easiest type of playmat to create is a series of roads, fields and buildings for cars. Then, hand your kids their toy cars and invite them to have fun.

4. Airplane

Building an airplane out of old cardboard boxes is simple. Take a small box to make your cockpit or fuselage. Then, flatten other boxes, and cut them into wing shapes. Use tape to attach the wings to your fuselage. Finally, paint as desired.

5. Shape Sorter

You can easily turn a cardboard box into a shape sorter for your favorite toddler. Simply outline shapes on your box using objects. For example, if you have a ball, trace the ball on the box, and cut out the circle. If you have a Rubik's cube, trace a square on your box, and cut it out.

Then, give the objects you traced to your child, and have them use the box as a fun shape sorter.

When you make your kids toys out of cardboard, you put old cardboard to use, and you do a fun project that can involve the whole family. Additionally, when your kid is done with his or her new toy, you don't have to worry about throwing it in the landfill. Instead, you can easily recycle the cardboard.