Over time, your bathtub spout may stop working as well as it did when it was brand new. If you notice that water comes out of the spout when you try to take a shower, there is a good chance that your spout needs to be replaced. There is a diverter built into bathtub spouts that blocks water from coming out of the spout when the small knob is lifted. If the diverter is no longer working properly, water will come out of the shower head and the spout, not giving you the strong water pressure you might want. The following guide walks you through the easy process of replacing your bathtub spout so you can start enjoying the best showers possible.

Examine the Spout

The first thing you need to do is examine the spout that you are currently using. Most showers use a slip-on spout that can easily be replaced by unscrewing the small screw located under the spout.

Purchase a Replacement Spout

Once you have determined that the spout is a slip-on spout, you can purchase a replacement spout at any home improvement store. This can be a great time to update the look of the spout for a newer, more stylish option. The size of the slip-on spouts does not vary much, so simply find one that fits your style and budget. Don't forget to pick up caulk and a putty knife if you don't already own them.

Remove the Old Spout

When you get home, unscrew the small screw on the bottom of the spout currently being used in your bathtub. There will be caulk around the edge of the spout where it meets the wall. Use a putty knife to loosen the caulk and then slowly pull the spout from the wall. Take your time because you do not want to bend the metal pipe that runs into the spout.

Attach the New Spout

Carefully thread the pipe into the center of the new spout. Use a screwdriver to secure the spout to the pipe with the small screw included with the spout. Squeeze some caulk around the edges of the spout where it meets the wall to ensure that there are no openings between the wall and the spout.

After the caulk is dry, the spout is ready to use. Refer to the packaging material of the caulk to know how long it will take to dry. If you feel that this is too detailed of a task for you to complete on your own, you can hire a plumber to take care of it for you. You will still need to buy the replacement spout you want for your bathroom, but he or she will handle the rest. Consider scheduling an appointment with Kendall Plumbing & Heating Company Inc.