The sad truth is that an asphalt driveway will not maintain its pristine appearance without help. If you are noticing some fading or small cracks in your asphalt paving, it is time to use a sealant. An asphalt sealant helps to maintain the dark color of your driveway, while protecting it from the elements.

While you can hire a professional to seal your driveway, it is simple enough to do yourself. If you want to take a DIY approach, follow these five tips for sealing your asphalt driveway:

1. Let the Asphalt Cure

If you recently had your driveway installed or re-done, you will need to let the asphalt cure before you seal it. In general, you should wait about three months. This will give the asphalt sufficient time to cure, even in cold or wet weather.

2. Wear Proper Clothing

Applying sealant is a messy job and you can easily ruin your clothing. If you will be doing this job yourself, make sure you wear some disposable clothes and shoes. You might also want to wear gloves and a face mask to keep the black sticky sealant off your skin.

3. Prepare the Driveway

Before sealing the driveway, you need to clean and prepare it. Oils from objects sitting in between the asphalt and sealant can cause problems, such as creating a bumpy surface. For the best results, remove all weeds and trash. After that, wash your driveway with a power washer to remove any dirty, dust, debris, and oil.

4. Apply the Sealant

You should apply the sealant shortly after washing your driveway. The asphalt needs to be damp to achieve the best results, so don't wait too long. Prepare the sealant according to directions and apply a thin, even layer over the driveway with a squeegee. For the best results, you will need two layers of the sealant. Apply the first, let it dry overnight and apply the second layer. For the best results, apply the first layer in vertical sections and second in horizontal sections; this will ensure you cover every inch of the asphalt in sealant.

5. Let It Dry

Once you have applied two coatings of sealant, you will need to let it dry. Ideally, you should stay off the driveway and let the sealant sit dry for about 24 hours or overnight. If you expect drivers or guests, rope off the area until it is safe to walk and drive on it.

Apply a sealant on your asphalt driveway will help prevent damages and fading. If you do not want to do it yourself, call or visit the website of a professional asphalt paving company, like, and have them do it for you.