Tree removal costs vary a lot, but the national average is about $557. It's not unheard of for the removal of big trees to cost more than $1,000. While it would not be dangerous to cut down your own tree in a bid to save money, there are other less dangerous cost-cutting measures you can employ. Here are three examples of such measures:

Cut It Down Before It Dies

If you have a big tree that you wish to remove, then you should do so before it dies. If a tree is sick, is dying or has been bent or uprooted by the wind, then it will soon die. Once it dies, it will dry and rot. Such a tree is more hazardous to remove than live trees.

The rot weakens the tree, meaning it can fall down at the slightest provocation. Dead limbs can also fall on the workers and injure them. Therefore, the tree removal company has to take extra safety precautions with dead trees. This also means it is likely to charge you a premium for removing a dead tree than a live one.

Get All Services At Once

Tree removal involves different services depending on how big the tree is, where it is located and what you want to do with the remains, among other factors. For example, you may want the tree company to cut down the plant, remove the stump and dispose of all the debris from the removal.

A good way of managing these costs is to have one company take care of all these services at once. A common mistake is to cut down the tree, remove the debris and leave the stump for another day. However, that will cost you more money; a one-time service is cheaper because the removers don't have to bring extra equipment from their premises.

Handle Some of the Tasks

Lastly, you can reduce the cost further by handling some of the tasks yourself. Most of the tasks that homeowners can handle on their own have to do with the cleanup process. If the tree isn't too big, then you can just have the removers cut it into manageable pieces and then split it into firewood on your own. Even stump removal can be a DIY task if the stump isn't gigantic. You can dig it up and cut the roots, burn it down or use a chemical stump remover.

Talk to your tree removal specialists and get different estimates depending on the services you want. For example, you can ask them how much you can save if they don't grind the stump or don't remove the debris. That way you can know the route to take for maximum savings. To learn more, contact a company like Jerry's Tree Service.