If you're thinking about getting wood siding for your home, but dread all the maintenance it requires, then you should talk to a siding contractor about fiber cement. It looks just like wood, and better yet, it is nearly maintenance free. Here is a quick overview of this siding material.

How Fiber Cement Siding Is Made

Like its name implies, this type of siding is made from a combination of cement and wood fibers. This gives it the advantages of cement when it comes to durability. When the planks are manufactured, textural elements and color are added. The planks can be smooth or made with good grain designs so they look just like 100 percent wood once they're installed. Because the color is added during the manufacturing process, it is part of the plank. That means it won't chip off or bubble. You won't need to repaint the siding, and scratches won't show since there is color all the way through the siding.

Fiber Cement Is Durable

The cement in the siding makes it one of the most durable options for your home. These planks are fire resistant, and they do not succumb to rotting from moisture or destruction from insects. They are able to withstand impacts from flying objects in storms without denting or cracking. The wood fibers mixed in with the cement help hold the planks together so cracking is not a problem, even in extreme temperatures. Fiber cement siding is suitable for all climates since it is not damaged by weather conditions, salt spray, or UV rays.

Little Maintenance Is Needed

Since the planks are strong and durable, you won't have to spend time making repairs. If you want siding you can install and forget about, then fiber cement is a good choice. You can paint it if you want to change the color, but you won't have to paint it every few years just to keep it looking nice. The color may fade somewhat due to age, but since the planks are made with solid color, they won't need periodic touch ups, and you won't have to worry about scraping off flaky paint. About the only care this siding needs is the occasional washing with a power washer or garden hose. The frequency depends on your location and how much dirt, pollution, and dust are in the air.

Fiber cement siding is suitable for all styles of homes. It's a particularly good option if you want the look of wood for a cabin or historic home. The planks can be colored and textured with a grain pattern to give you the exact look you want. However, the upside is you won't be spending time on all the maintenance duties that natural wood requires. To learn more, talk to a siding contractor like Griffitts Construction Inc.