Is your kitchen a little too dark and gloomy for your tastes and you're not sure how to fix the problem? One terrific idea is to install a custom-made skylight in the room. This will flood the kitchen with light and make it a much more cheerful place to cook and prepare meals. This article looks at some of the key considerations involved. 


Your attic plays an important role in the installation of a custom skylight. Adding a large skylight requires having the installer cut into your rafters. If your roof has stick framing, where the rafters are cut and installed on the site, this is not a serious issue in most cases. If your roof is framed with trusses, which are pre-fabricated framing units, however, then the installation of the skylight becomes more complicated. It's a good idea to consult with an architect before proceeding with any installation to be certain that the project will be both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. 


The position of the skylight on the roof is also a key consideration. For example, one possible plan is to have the skylight facing south. This allows you to maximize the amount of heat the kitchen receives from sunlight during the winter. One downside to a south-facing skylight is that it makes the kitchen hotter during the summer. Fortunately, you can minimize this by placing a shade or louver over the skylight during the warmer months. 


Although some homeowners might consider installing a skylight made of plastic instead of glass because plastic is less expensive, this is not necessarily a good choice. Glass skylights are more durable than plastic ones and are also less likely to become discolored over time. They scratch less easily as well.


If you live in an area that is vulnerable to strong storms, you may have some concerns about adding more glass to your home, particularly on your roof. Many custom skylight distributors, however, offer products made with impact-resistant or hurricane-resistant glass. This type of glass is made to resist very strong winds and hard impacts from flying debris.  

Operable and Fixed 

You have the option of installing an operable or fixed unit. The operable skylights allows you to open and close it as you wish, while a fixed unit does not open. Many distributors make operable models that open and close with a remote control, so you do not have to perform the task manually. 

Installing a custom-made skylight in your kitchen can be a great home improvement as long as you plan the job carefully. For more information, contact a contractor who specializes in these types of renovations or someone who specializes in custom glass.