When your concrete walkway is discolored or cracked, you can alter the surface of it to handle your issue. Luckily, you have a few methods that will help you not only deal with your concrete issue, but also allow you to enhance its look at the same time.

Color It

One way to fix concrete that is discolored is to add a different color to the surface. Many concrete contractors offer different coloring products for this purpose. One such color option is an acid-based stain, which reacts to the minerals within the concrete and changes the color. An added benefit of using the stain is that since the chemical reacts differently to each mineral, the final look is usually a speckled effect that is similar to the appearance of granite.

If you prefer a solid color option, you can use paint specifically designed for concrete. This product goes on with a roller or paintbrush. The reason you need concrete paint instead of traditional exterior paint is that this product can handle constant exposure to the elements. This means that the color is less likely to fade or chip due to sunlight, rain, ice or snow.

Both of these products come in a wide array of basic colors. However, if you want a custom color, you will need to ask the contractor about what color variations they can do.

Stamp It

Another way to enhance the look of your walkway is to stamp a design into the surface. This option is also a good way to repair minor cracks or chips within the surface as well. In many cases, the stamp is made from rigid plastic or metal to help push the design into the surface.

The first step in this design option is to pick the image you want stamped into the concrete. Many contractors have premade designs such as a brick pattern, wavy lines or a circular pattern. Some companies also offer custom-made patterns that you design.

Once the stamp is made, the contractor lays a thin layer of concrete over top of your existing walkway. This new layer fills in any damaged areas and allows the contractor to level out the walkway. Before the new concrete dries, the stamp is pushed into the surface to create the design.

You also have the option of using both design elements to improve your walkway. If you choose both, the contractor first stamps out the design and then adds the color after the concrete hardens thoroughly. Since hardening times can be different due to outside weather conditions, it may take two separate visits to complete the final look.

It is best to consult a contractor in your area like Robert R. Andreas & Sons Inc. to see what decorative options they offer. With their help, you can alter and improve the look your home's walkway.