Since they are very affordable, boxed above-ground pools - the kind you buy in department stores - are becoming increasingly popular. Adding to their appeal is the fact that they can be assembled relatively easy as long as you have a flat surface to start with. Unfortunately, most yards are not perfectly flat. Even yards that look like they are flat often have a slight grade, which is enough to make pool assembly a nightmare. In most cases, excavation is necessary. You can choose to excavate the ground yourself or you can hire an excavation team to do it for you. Following are the pros and cons of the latter.

The Pros of Hiring an Excavation Team

All pools, regardless of how expensive they are, require a perfectly flat surface. Without one, your pool will have too much pressure on one side because water always levels out naturally. This can make your pool burst open and/or shorten the life of your pool. It may even result in injury and property damage if such an event were to occur.

When you create a flat surface for your pool, you have to dig up your yard. While doing so, it's possible for you to encounter hard rock or groundwater, both of which are impossible to move. A professional excavation team has strategies for dealing with both and can rectify the problem pretty quickly. 

Unless you perform a soil quality test, you have no idea how well your particular soil will support the weight of a pool. You may end up picking a spot for your pool only to have it sink into the ground once it's set up. A professional excavation team has the experience and knowledge to find the perfect spot for your pool. If a perfect spot can't be found, they can prep the area until it becomes perfectly suited for a pool.

The Cons of Hiring an Excavation Team

There really is only one drawback of hiring an excavation team and it relates to cost. It may cost more for you to hire an excavation team than to dig up your yard yourself. However, if you have to rent heavy equipment to get the job done, it may actually end up being cheaper to hire a team. When weighing the cost, it's also important to keep in mind that you may do something wrong, such as puncture or crush a sewer line. For this reason, it often is a safer, cheaper bet to hire someone else to do the job for you.

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