One-third of all construction related fatalities can be attributed to roof falls. As a significant threat, it's imperative that contractors practice strict safety measures when performing roof-related work. Since nearly everyone can always use a refresher, here are a handful of tips to help you brush up on your safety practices.

Practice Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness around the working site is just as important as the quality of work your team performs. Make sure each member is cleaning up after themselves on an almost continuous basis.

Having excessive amounts of debris along the roof can impede a person's ability to see clearly, which could cause them to slip and fall.

Three Points Of Contact

When climbing the ladder either on or off the roof, make sure you are always maintaining at least three points of contact. For example, one hand and both feet or two hands and one foot on the ladder.

Navigating the ladder in this manner will keep you safer because it will help keep your weight evenly distributed in the center of the ladder.

Double Check Anchors

The support anchors you use will likely need to change based on the job-site. In addition to supporting the weight of the worker and their supplies, they also need to be strong enough to support the person's weight should they fall and be dangling over the side of the roof.

This is known as the impact load. Before each job, make sure the weight and impact load capacity of the support anchor is well equipped for the weight of the worker and the tools they will be using.

Proper Material Staging

Stage your materials with safety in mind to minimize the risk of an injury. When staging, require each worker to store their materials on either side of their body, such as the left or right, not in the front or back. Staging materials in front comes with the risk of the objects sliding down towards the worker, causing them to lose their balance.

In terms of storing the materials behind the body, forgetting the materials are there could cause the worker to trip over them and slide off the roof and the materials could also come crashing down on them and anyone else below.

Safety should be your number one goal when performing a roof installation or repair. Make sure you and your team keep a keen eye on your safety practices. Use trusted suppliers, such as American Building & Roofing Inc, to avoid further risk.