During a severe storm, a weak section of your roof might give in, which can cause water to enter your home. Unlike a slow leak, a hole in your roof can result in significant water damage. To begin to recover from this type of damage to your home, there are a few things you'll need to do. Here are just a few steps you should take once the storm has passed.

Secure The Area For Safety

Before you begin to do any repair work, you'll want to make sure the area is safe. You'll want to shut off the power supply at your breaker box to prevent any potential issues with electrocution, as exposure to water can cause this type of issue. If you have small children in your home, you'll want to block access to the area so they don't risk injury. You can do this through the use of baby gates or other baby-proofing devices. Hire a roofing contractor to remove the damaged roofing and reinforce your ceiling so you can begin to clean up the damage. The contractor can also provide you with an estimate for the completed roofing repairs. Once the area is secure, you can contact a water damage repair company to help with the interior repairs.

Begin To Air Out The Area

Before your water damage repair company comes out to begin fixing damaged drywall and flooring, you can start the cleanup and recovery efforts. Remove any area rugs, bedding, curtains or other items that you can safely carry on your own. Bring in fans to help dry out the area once it is safe to turn your power back on, and open up windows to bring in some fresh air. You may also want to use a dehumidifier to help with the drying out process.

Determine What Can Be Salvaged

Your water damage repair company can help you determine which items can be saved from water damage. You may be able to save upholstered furniture and drapes, depending on how severe the damage is. Furniture that may have been crushed when the ceiling fell might have to be discarded. Consider renting a small dumpster so you can dispose of damaged items properly. The dumpster rental company can drop off the dumpster when you need it and remove the dumpster when it is full.

Once you have followed these steps, your water damage repair company can begin replacing damaged drywall and flooring. The company will also restore any salvageable items. Be sure to schedule your roof repair work as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home. After the contractors are done with the interior and exterior repairs, you can begin to reassemble your living space and get back to your normal, everyday routine.

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