Has the paint on your concrete basement floor start to show major signs of wear and tear? You could call it a day and simply toss down some floating tile flooring but not everyone likes that look and floating tile projects can become costly. There are a few different ways you can rehab the existing concrete floor to make it look like new and make the floor a welcome visual addition to the living space. 

Scrape it Clean and Waterproof

You don't need to scrape clean every inch of old paint before adding your new paint. But you do want to scrape up any large, loose pieces and make the entire floor as smooth as possible before you begin to paint. Head to the hardware store and look for a paint scrapper with an extended, broom-like handle to make the scraping process faster and easier on your hands and knees. 

Once the paint is scraped you can sweep the area with a vacuum to remove any surface dirt, dust or loose paint. Then comes the time for basement waterproofing.

Why waterproof before painting? Concrete is porous, which means water can sink up into the basement from the moist soil below. Moisture is one of the most common causes of basement floor paint erosion so putting down waterproofing layers first and last can help better protect the paint.

You can use either an epoxy or latex-based waterproofing mix, which are both available at the hardware store. Follow the package instruction for mixing and application and use a long-handled paint roller for even, easy application. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from B-Sure Systems Inc.

Hire a Paint Crew for a Custom Look

You can up the style factor of your basement by creating a custom floor design using paint and stencils. While you can certainly do this yourself if you have the time, talent, and supplies, consider hiring a paint crew to help make your design dreams come true.

Hiring painters for your basement floor might seem excessive, but the painters can make the concrete look like brick, stone, or any other material you would like. The end result can turn an ordinary basement into a sought after living area where every member of the family would want to hang out.

Make sure you or the painters follow up with another layer of waterproofing once the painting has completed.

Or Consider Acid Etching for a Marble Look

Don't like the look of painted concrete? Consider acid etching. A concrete contractor can apply the etching material, which creates a chemical reaction with the concrete and forms a beautiful marble-like swirling pattern. The contractor can use various colors and even stencils to create the look of an expensive custom marble floor.

Acid etching has an up in painting in that the color is better backed by the concrete and less likely to chip or wear in the near future.