If you have marble flooring in your home, it's important that you know how to take care of it. After all, marble flooring is much more sensitive than other flooring types. If you are taking care of it properly, you can make it last for a long time to come. Here are five important marble floor cleaning tips to keep in mind:

  1. Daily Cleaning: Marble flooring should be cleaned daily. This doesn't have to be intensive cleaning. You just want to use a soft cloth to wipe up dirt and debris that gathers on the floor every day. You can do this at night before going to bed or in the morning when you first wake up. This is easy enough to do if you have marble only in certain parts of your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Make it easier on yourself by using a soft mop so you don't have to bend down while wiping the floor and light water so that you don't have to worry about waiting too long for the flooring to dry. 
  2. Clean Spills Right Away: If you have marble flooring in your kitchen, then it is much more likely to stain. To help avoid discoloration, it's important that you clean up spills right away, especially from acidic foods and drinks. This includes orange juice, tomatoes, and soda. If these things are left to sit, staining is going to start fairly quickly because it will easily absorb under the surface of the marble, since acids quickly eat away at the protective layer on top of the flooring. 
  3. Remove Stains: If a stain does happen to appear on the marble flooring, you will want to remove it efficiently. Usually, using dish soap works to remove the discoloration. Simply soak a cloth in warm water mixed with dish soap and gently rub the cloth in a circular motion on the stain. If this doesn't work, you will want to hire professionals from a company like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc. who have the proper tools to remove it without causing scratches on the surface or other damages.
  4. Clean With Baking Soda for Shine: Marble flooring is typically shiny, and, in order to retain that shine, you should consider washing it with baking soda every once in a while. Just be sure that you dilute the baking soda with enough water to remove the abrasive effects. You also need to be sure that you wipe it up completely so that no baking soda is left to sit on the flooring. 

When you consider these four tips for marble floor cleaning, you can be sure that you keep it in the best possible condition.