Being the owner of a business property also comes along with the sometimes daunting task of maintaining all of its hidden components, but one that may cause you more concern than any is the sewer and plumbing. A simple drainage or sewer issue at your place of business can have detrimental consequences on your production and customers. Therefore, you always need reliable attention from the right professionals to get issues out of the way fast. However, your involvement in making preparations for a sewer or drain cleaning project at your place of business can also help hurry the project along so you can get back to business. Here's what you need to do to get prepared. 

If a vacuum truck will be used outdoors, make alternative parking arrangements. 

It is not uncommon for the access points to a sewer system at a business property to be located outside of the business building, which often means they'll be in a heavily traveled area like your parking lot. When you place a call for assistance with a sewer cleaning company, ask them if they intend to use a vacuum truck. If so, head outside to track down exterior access points and make sure cars in the area are moved. If your parking space is limited, talk to a neighboring business owner about allowing your customers to park on their lot for a few hours. 

Let incoming customers know about the sewer work being performed.

If there is one thing that almost definitely comes along with a sewer problem, it is odors. While the company doing the work will do all they can to eliminate odors with ventilation fans and sometimes even portable air purifiers, your customers are bound to notice at least a slight presence of unpleasant odors. Let your customers know about the issue and the work so they don't just think your place of business smells bad. Plus, this is a common courtesy for those who may be more sensitive to bad odors than others. 

Block off interior areas immediately where the problem is obvious. 

During a sewage backup or drainage issue, it is not uncommon for regurgitated flow to show up at some of the drainage points, such as in your restrooms in the toilets or at floor drains. If you spot signs of regurgitated water or sewage, immediately block the area off. Not only is the sight not something your customers will want to see, but it can be a safety concern as well. 

To find more information about sewer cleaning for your business, talk to a contractor in your area.