Window replacement is one of the best remodels you can invest in because it upgrades both the inside and the outside of your home. Besides making your property look newer and more stylish, new windows will also make your home more energy efficient. Of course, not all window products are equally energy efficient. If you are mainly concerned with reducing your utility bills and running a more environmentally friendly household, you definitely need to consider the window material and pane design. This article explains what to look for if you are interested in energy efficient windows.

Reading the U-Value

Window manufacturers rate their products according to the rate at which they transfer heat. Look for the U-value when reading the labels. This is the most important rating when it comes to heat loss. It is basically a measure of how fast heat will transfer through the windows. The U-value will coordinate with your particular climate. That is, there are different climate regions in the United States that have different recommended you values. If you are buying your product directly from a local home improvement store, they will obviously already have the most popular U-values for that locale. A higher value means more insulation. These are generally better for extremely hot or extremely cold climates.

Glass Panes

You also want to consider the glass panes. Double pane windows are common, even in mild climates. If you live in a colder climate, you should consider windows with argon gas between the glass panes. This adds more insulation and slows down heat transfer. Extra window panes also help with sound insulation, which is a huge factor for homeowners on loud or busy streets. You can actually find windows with 3 or 4 window panes, but these are only necessary in colder regions.

These are just some of the most important factors that you should take an account when shopping for energy efficient replacement windows. Contact a window installation company like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center for more information. The prices seem to increase as the efficiency ratings of the window go up. Obviously, if you live in a hot or cold climate, you need to be even more careful when choosing a product. Also, some windows will lose their efficiency of the years if they are not properly cared for. For instance, a wooden window that is not properly sealed will not retain heat and could even become leaky if it gets warped over the years.