If this is your first home purchase, you may have heard the term land surveyor, but you may not be sure how it applies to you. Make sure you aren't just passing it off as something not important. A land survey is a critical part of this process because it can help reveal details about the property and even be used to protect you in the future. A land survey is an important part of home ownership.

Land Survey

In simple terms, a land survey is a detailed review that lets you know what's-what, in terms of the property. A land survey creates a guideline that details all the specifics of the property, including its size, dimensions and the lines of any bordering properties. In the event of property damage, should you want to make some renovations or you want to sell the property in the future, having this information will make the process a lot easier and ensure you're protected.  

Avoid Hefty Fines

Something like a driveway seems harmless, right? If the driveway is infringing on someone else's property, even just a little, this can bring forward intense consequences. If the previous owner of the home didn't have a survey performed and installed a new driveway that crossed their property line, as the new homeowner, you would be left to pay for their mistake.

Not only would you face fines from the local municipality, you could pay fines imposed by the homeowner's association and you'd have to pay to have the driveway removed and reinstalled within the correct own property lines.

Absolve Legal Responsibility

A land survey can help protect you in the future in the event one of your neighbors comes after you for damage to their home. For example, say you purchase the home and ten years later a storm comes through – knocking a tree down that lands on your neighbor's home.

Your neighbor files suit against you for the damages. After reviewing your land survey, its discovered that the tree falls outside your property line, legally absolving you of any responsibility. Without this survey, your property line might have been somewhat unclear, leaving you at risk for the lawsuit. A land survey can protect your legal rights.

While some banks require this survey, this is not always the case. Even if you aren't required to have the land surveyed, this is something you want to consider to protect your investment. For more information, talk to a professional like Burget & Associates Inc.