If you just had a metal rooftop installed over an existing asphalt surface, you are most likely enjoying the many benefits it provides to your home or business. There are a few steps you will need to take in the maintenance of your new metal roof to ensure it does not suffer from premature wear. Here are some tips you can use in the caring of your new roof so it lasts for a great many years.

Take The Time To Clean The Roof Often

It is important to remove debris from the top of a metal rooftop as soon as it is noticed. Failing to remove debris can cause it to be pushed along the surface of the metal, causing scratches and scrapes as a result. Moisture will also build up around debris, leading to the possible deterioration of paint or the intensifying of rust if it is present on the roof. Use a leaf blower to remove loose debris instead of a roof brush. A brush can cause scratching to occur. If debris remains, use a soft piece of microfiber cloth dipped in a mild cleanser made especially for metal surfaces to remove it effectively.

Maintain The Gutter System To Avoid Damage

The gutter system underneath your metal rooftop will also need to be cleaned frequently. If the gutters fill up with debris, water will not get to the downspout to be dispersed away from the building. This water could then affect the bottom of your metal roof. To avoid having your metal saturated at all times, cleaning the gutters will ensure it remains dry, possibly stopping rusting from starting. Get up on your roof and remove any obstructions from your gutters with gloved hands. 

Tend To Any Scratches Promptly To Avoid Rusting

It is important to check for scratches in the metal of your roof and tend to them quickly to keep the metal from rusting. When a scratch is noticed, it can be temporarily covered with mineral spirits to help keep moisture from settling upon bare metal. Sand the area first to remove any rust that may be present. Afterward, use a small paintbrush to apply the mineral spirits. Make sure to apply this at a time when precipitation is not expected so it does not wash away before it dries. For a more permanent solution, apply a rust-inhibiting primer to scratches. After this dries, add a coating of rust-inhibiting paint over the primer for added protection. 

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