If you are in the market for a new boat lift, you might be surprised to see how many different options are available. Whether you own a boating-related company or you want a lift for personal use, one type of boat lift may work best for your situation. This guide will help you select the right boat lift for your situation, based on their features.

Vertical Boat Lifts

Vertical boat lifts are open and easy in terms of providing access. While the boat is in the water, there is access on either side. These types of lifts are also useful in both deep and shallow water. If you intend to use the boat lift in an area where the water level fluctuates, this may be a great choice. Lifts made out of durable aluminum can withstand the weight of a boat.

Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lifts

Hydraulic vertical boat lifts combine some of the qualities of a vertical lift with hydraulic power. These lifts use aluminum as part of its construction, all the while offering quiet use. A vertical boat lift with hydraulic power is suitable for both deep and shallow water. You need to look at each type of model to determine which height is going to work best for your boat.

Cantilever Boat Lifts

If you have a small fishing boat or large personal water craft, the cantilever lift may be your best bet. This type of boat lift relies on fewer pulleys than many other types of lifts, which can make it less likely for the parts to break down. These are simple boat lifts, but this tends to make them dependable. If you have a small craft, this simple boat lift provides adequate safety from water below.

Overhead Boat Lifts

If you are afraid of rough water and floating debris, the overhead lift may be ideal. These lifts are perfect for deep water conditions and allow you to keep the boat at the height you desire. Stainless steel cables and rods that hold your boat out of the water help you feel confident that your boat will not be subjected to damaging conditions.

Finding the perfect boat lift to meet your needs preserves the life of your boat. You may not realize it now, but boats subjected to debris, certain water conditions, and different heights can wear down your boat. The right boat lift will keep your boat in great shape. Contact companies like Abbotts' Construction Services Inc. to learn more about your options.