If you have a home with a garage either attached or not, you know that the door needs to be working properly because if it isn't, it can become frustrating and even dangerous to use. A door that does not open all the way, or close properly can cause many problems for the homeowner. If the door does not work properly, you can have it inspected by a garage door company and adjusted as needed.

Garage Door Inspections

Garage doors are made of many different things these days and while they are lighter now than they used to be, opening and closing the door can be difficult if the door assist spring is not under the proper tension. The spring is designed to help open the door but a damaged or incorrectly loaded spring will just make it harder to get that door up from a closed position. Having an inspection done of the door, springs, tracks and other components can help you find problems before they cause a failure or cause the door to not open at all. A qualified technician from a garage door company is the best person to have look at your door and make any adjusts or repairs that are needed to keep everything working properly.  

Safety and Your Garage Door

The garage door on your home can be a great feature but if it is not working properly, the door can become unsafe. Because of this, door installers will add things like manual locks, quick disconnects from power door openers, and sensors to the door system that can either make opening it easier or close harder. For instance, the quick disconnect, or red rope and handle on the door opener, is designed to allow you to open the door even if the power is out. If you needed to get out in a hurry, pull that handle and roll the door open manually. These features exist to keep you safe so if you are not sure about one, ask the technician what it does and why it is needed. They can explain all the parts of the system and make it easier for you to understand.

Leave It To The Pros

There are a lot of odd jobs you can do around your home to save yourself some money but adjusting the garage door is not one that you should undertake. The assist spring on the door is under so much tension that trying to adjust it without the right tools is dangerous. Trying to make a slight adjustment to the track is enough to cause a failure of the track or door if it is not done right. Call a door installation company, like Dorsey Garage Doors, and have to door serviced if it needs it, don't try and make adjustments yourself.