Coming up with affordable and effective home remodels is easier than you might think. Something people think they need to make major investments if they want a remodel that will have an impact on the value of their home. In reality, even an exterior paint job can actually have an impact on the valuation of your property. This article explains how you can paint your home exterior on your own, to make the project even more cost effective.

It Is Different Than Interior Painting

Exterior painting is always going to be more time consuming and demanding than interior painting. Many people have plenty of experience painting interior services like drywall, but painting the outside walls of your home is going to be far more demanding. First of all, the surfaces are rougher, so you need more paint. Second, there is a larger area to paint so it takes longer. Third, you have to work outside, exposed to the elements. Basically, the job is going to be far more demanding than simply painting your interior walls.

Prep Excessively

However, there are a few ways to make the job a little more manageable. The first step in managing your exterior paint job is to do plenty of prep work. Some people try to skimp on the prep work, and they end up regretting it. What usually happens when you don't adequately prep and mask your exterior, is that you have a lot of paint spills, and you need to spend a lot of time cleaning up when all is said and done. A very important things to consider is the fact that exterior surfaces are rougher, so you need to use more paint. This means that there is going to be more spilling when you are rolling your walls. Since the job is messier, you need to do more prep work than you would if you were painting your interior walls.

Paint Your Trim Last

Another important thing to consider when painting exterior surface is painting your trim. This includes your roof line, window frames, door fixtures, and fences. The job is usually much easier if you paint your trim last, after you paint your walls. This means you don't have to tape off your trim when you are initially painting walls. Then, when it comes time to paint your trim later, you just tape off the walls.

Painting the exterior of your home will add more value than an interior paint job. The job is more difficult, but it is still manageable if you had a few helpers and some time to do it. For more information, contact companies like Thompson Painting.