Even though most homeowners love the look of hardwood, it isn't always the most practical solution for garage door panels. Hardwood panels require more maintenance, and the extra weight of the wood necessitates the usage of a more heavy duty motor, which will use more electricity and be louder. Of course, some of these issues might seem minor, but many people are understandably skeptical about owning high-maintenance panels. The biggest problem with hardwood panels is that they can bend and warp if they get wet.

Despite all of this, hardwood panels remain one of the most popular options for a number of reasons. Of course, the style is the most important factor to most people. Because of this, many garage door manufacturers now make hybrid-hardwood panels. This article explains exactly what hybrid garage door panels are and why they are a great solution for most garages.

What is a Hybrid Panel?

A hybrid panel is partially real hardwood. What you see on the outside is real hardwood planks, but the actual frame is made out of a synthetic material, most likely vinyl or PVC. Having a lightweight and durable frame helps to maintain the shape of the panel. If you have panels that are just made out of wood, they can struggle when it comes to maintaining their shape. When wood gets wet, it can expand, making it hard for the garage to go up and down. This doesn't necessarily mean it needs to get rained on. Just some moisture in the air or morning dew can have an effect on wood.

But, hybrid-wooden panels, with their synthetic backing, don't have this problem. The actual working part of the panel that is attached to the motor system is securely held in place by a material that isn't vulnerable.

Wood Still Needs to be Refinished

It is important to point out that you are still going to have wooden panels that are on the outside of your walls, so they are exposed. This means that the finish on your wood can certainly wear down and look more aged if it is not kept up. Wooden panels need to be repainted or stained often to protect them in the long run.

If you want to enjoy the natural style of real wood, just make sure you buy panels that have hybrid framing. The garage will work better and stay structurally sound if you buy a hybrid product Reach out to a place like Callahan Door and Window for more information.