Rainwater coming into a home can't remain inconspicuous when drywall turns yellow-orange while peeling and cracking. Homeowners will be quick to call a roofer to check for loose shingles or rotted flashing. Some may request a check on the window frames. How many will contact an electrician to perform a safety inspection or any necessary repairs? There's electrical wiring hiding behind that rotted drywall. If damaged wiring gets wet, a devastating fire could break out.

Beware of Fire Hazards

Flickering lights and the sound of crackling are cause for alarm. Both represent a potential fire hazard. Dismissing frayed wiring due to age and other issues is to deny a potential catastrophe. Even if the wiring is in decent shape, water dripping down drywall could reach a wall outlet. So, it could prove profoundly unwise to make any assessments about electrical safety. Calling in a professional electrician to assess the situation makes more sense.

Killing Power and Improper Approaches

Cutting power off from the circuit breaker to a room with water leak fire hazards may present a short-term solution. "Targeted" breaker cuts -- killing power at night but leaving it on when able to keep tabs on a room -- can set a course for disaster. Fires may occur without warning and spread rapidly. Playing around with a circuit breaker is potentially playing with fire. Some may choose to misuse the circuit breakers until the leaked water dries out. Once again, making safety determinations without a professional eye for necessary assessments creates dangers. Contact a professional for a thorough risk assessment. At the first sign of trouble, cutting power to the room and contacting the local electrical/utility company make the most sense. In some instances, evacuating the home may be necessary.

The Extent of Electrical Troubles

Examining the immediate problem of leak-related electrical hazards provides an opportunity to address other issues. Did the wiring become frayed due to age? If so, the time may be well past due for a complete rewiring of the household. Does turning off the breaker intended for a particular room kill power in several rooms? Maybe installing more switches is advisable. To receive the necessary advice, calling an electrician to perform an inspection becomes necessary.

Small Fixes Add to Safety

Not every electrical repair job necessarily requires extensive work. Small problems can create a severe hazard though -- a fact truer when water and electricity mix.Thankfully, a minor fix could outright prevent a major disaster. The right electrician might deliver that all-important fix. Contact a company like RDS Electric for more help.