Your dishwasher, like most other major appliances within your home, sees a massive amount of use and general wear and tear. Over time, this can reduce how effectively your dishwasher is able to perform its job, which can cause complications for you and increase your workload throughout the week. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a dishwasher that is no longer effective at cleaning dishes can help you figure out when you should talk to an appliance repair specialist about looking at your unit.

Standing Water

One of the clearest and hardest to miss signs that your dishwasher is no longer working as intended is if you notice that there is water remaining at the bottom of the appliance after it finishes a cycle. Most of the time, this is simply because of a clogged drain in the dishwasher that needs to be cleared out of food or other debris.

Lack of Heat

Another common sign that your dishwasher is not working properly is if your dishes are cool immediately after the appliance finishes a cycle. Part of a dishwasher's job is to heat your dishes to a certain temperature to kill bacteria: that is why you're supposed to let your dishes sit for a while to cool down before you remove them. If you open the dishwasher and find the dishes to be completely cool, your heating coils will likely have to be inspected and repaired, or the entire unit replaced.

Irregular Noises

While dishwashers do make a great deal of noise when working normally, since they are moving a significant amount of water around, you should keep an ear out for any sort of strange noises. Grinding, bumping, excessive shaking and rattling or anything else out of the ordinary can point to damage to the moving parts of the dishwasher, including the motor, which should be addressed quickly before the part fails entirely and leaves your dishwasher unable to operate.

Door Won't Lock

Finally, another common problem that can affect your dishwasher is a damaged lock that will prevent your door from closing properly. In some cases, this can prevent your dishwasher from working at all until the lock is fixed. In other cases, the dishwasher may still turn on with the door unlocked, which can let water spray or leak out of the dishwasher and pool on the floor around the base of the appliance.

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