If you use a boiler in your home, it is important that you learn how to properly maintain it. If you do not, you will likely have problems with the boiler at some point. If you do not know how to maintain the boiler, below are tips to help you. You will also find information about types of boiler problems that can happen due to lack of maintenance.

Maintain the Boiler

You should check your boiler at least once a day. This only takes a few minutes as you only need to check the water level gauge, and then record the pressure for the gauge and the temperature. Purchase a notebook or put the information on your smartphone but keeping a record of these gauges are important as this will tell you if the gauge levels are wrong. 

You also need to blowout the bottom of the boiler. You can do this by using a vacuum hose. This blowout will remove sediment and sludge that builds up over time. Inspect the refractory cone on the burner to determine if there are any hot spots on the cone. Inspect the air damper that is on the boiler's burner, and also check the valve in the gas train to ensure the valve is operating correctly.

Check the flame on the pilot light. If your boiler is running correctly this flame should be blue. If the flame is orange or yellow, there is a problem with the pilot light. 

Boiler Problems

There are many common problems that can happen with boilers. First, there may be no pilot light at all. If you see no pilot light, try to light it to see if it stays lit. If it does, then you are okay. If the pilot light keeps going out, however, the thermocouple is likely broken and needs to be repaired. There also may be a draft that is blowing out the pilot light.

Another common boiler problem is having no hot water or heat. If you are having this problem, the motorized valves may not be working, there could be low water levels, or problems with the thermostat. If the problem is due to a mechanical part the part will likely have to be replaced. 

Your boiler may leak water, which can be caused by a variety of problems. If your gas boiler is leaking, you should do nothing but contact your gas supplier immediately. The cause of a leak is generally due to problems with the pressure valve or pump seal. 

A boiler repair service will give you more maintenance tips to help prevent the above problems.