The sump pump is an integral part of defending your basement against water damage. Unfortunately, this is a component that will not always be reliable, which can lead to the pump suffering failures that could require major repairs to the unit or even a complete replacement.

What Happens If A Sump Pump Fails?

A sump pump failure is potentially able to result in major water damage occurring to the basement in a short period of time. This can result in large amounts of water seeping into the basement and getting backed up. In extreme cases, a homeowner may find that their entire basement has been severely flooded. Sadly, homeowners that are not regularly inspecting their sump pump may not realize when it has failed. This could allow for major damage to occur to the basement before the homeowner even realizes that there is an issue with the sump pump.

Can You Simply Swap Out The Old Sump Pump With A New One?

If a homeowner discovers that they will need to have their sump pump replaced, it can be a stressful discovery. However, the process of replacing the sump pump will not be particularly difficult for most homes. In fact, it may even be possible for the old sump pump to simply be slid out of position so that the new one can be installed. This may not always be possible, as it will depend on the connection for the sump pump being undamaged. If it has suffered damage, the replacement process will be more involved as it will require the installation of a new support for the pump, and some of the piping may need to be replaced. However, even with these additional repairs, the costs of replacing a sump pump can be inconsequential compared to the damage this unit can avoid.

Will A Sump Pump Battery Need Replacement?

During a strong storm, the power to the building can be knocked out, but the sump pump will still need to be able to function during these situations. In fact, a sump pump failure during a major storm can be a devastating blow for a building as this could allow the basement to rapidly flood. Battery backups are typically included in these systems to allow for them to be able to continue pumping during a power outage, but these batteries can fail. Testing the emergency batteries in the sump pump at least twice a year will help to reduce the risk of a battery failure leading to major water damage to the basement.

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