It can be a considerable investment to replace the windows in your home, particularly if you have a larger home with numerous fittings. Luckily, there is a budget-friendly solution when it comes to full upgrades: storm windows. Some homeowners are not familiar with this particular type of window and how it can benefit them. Keep reading to learn some of the answers to commonly asked questions.

What Exactly Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are installed either on the interior or exterior of existing windows. These windows are designed to develop an extra barrier of protection between the elements and your home, which helps to offer enhanced protection and insulation against freezing temperatures and winter storms. This barrier also helps to combat the transfer of energy and eliminate drafts, which reduces year-round heating and cooling expenses.

What Benefits Do Storm Windows Offer?

One reason storm windows are so attractive to homeowners is that they are affordable. The costs for material and installation are considerably less than paying for a full window replacement with energy-efficient updates, although the advantages are comparable. Storm windows also offer long-term savings due to the combination of durability, energy-efficient design, and minimal maintenance needs. They also minimize noise from outside.

Who Should Have Storm Windows Installed?

The benefits that are provided by storm windows today make them incredible additions to virtually any home, but they tend to be particularly beneficial for homeowners who are trying to minimize operation expenses or extend the usable lives of their existing windows. If you live in an older home that is equipped with single-pane or unglazed windows, adding storm windows can be essential.

What Factors Play a Role in Selecting Storm Windows?

When shopping for storm windows for your home, you should keep two things in mind: function and aesthetics. For daily use, you will want to look for storm windows that are equipped with either adjustable or fully removable parts that allow for ease of cleaning and arrangement flexibility. In addition, you need to ensure you are choosing a storm window that is the appropriate size and in a color scheme that properly complements your home. For longevity, you should opt for a storm window constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, and for optimal energy savings, find a storm window that has insulated air space.

If you are considering incorporating storm windows into your home, speak to a professional window company like Southern Glass & Mirror in your area for assistance in choosing the right ones.