Whether you are replacing an old septic system or are planning to install septic in an area where municipal wastewater hookups are not available, there are a few things that you should know about septic installation services. Your septic system is there to deal with the wastewater from your home. You need to make sure that the system that connects to your home can deal with the waste your household produces. Here are three things to know when it comes to installation.

Size Matters

The first thing that you should know about septic systems is that size matters. You need to make sure that the septic system you choose is the appropriate size for your household. Of course, you'll want to keep in mind both the square footage of your home and the number of occupants you have living in your home. Most homes require septic tanks that have capacities of 1,000, 1,250, or 1,500 gallons. However, a larger tank may be necessary for a larger than average household. 

How Much It Will Cost

Another thing to consider when it comes to septic installation services is how much it will cost. This will depend on the size of your septic system and the type of system you need to install. On average, if you have a three or four-bedroom home, you'll pay in the range of $8,000 to $15,000 for septic installation. For a larger home, with more than five bedrooms, you can expect your costs to be between $15,000 and $25,000. Before the installation begins, make sure you know how much it will cost. 

How Long It Will Take

How long a septic installation takes will depend on whether you are having an existing system replaced or if you are installing a completely new system. Excavation can add to your timeline, especially if you live in an area with difficult terrain. Typically, septic system installation will only take between two and five days. Before work begins, make sure that you discuss the installation timeline with your contractor. This is especially important if there is additional construction happening near the septic installation area. 

When it comes to septic installation, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Size matters when it comes to septic systems, and finding a system that is ample for your home's needs is essential. Cost is something else to consider. The larger your home, the higher the cost of your septic installation. Your timeline is another thing to keep in mind. Likewise, a septic installation will typically take a few days to complete. Contact a septic installation service for more information.